Rotating Sample Probes

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We manufacture a range of rotating sample platforms compatible with Cryogen-free or Liquid-Helium based VTI systems. Designed originally for electical transport measurements, these probes have the benefit of a large number of sample contacts (up to 20), which makes them suitable for a variety of custom experiments.

Single-axis rotator

Key Features

  • Sample in vacuum or sample in Helium exchange gas
  • 360 degrees rotation with 0.05 degree resolution
  • Position readout device mounted on sample platform
  • 20-pin sample socket (CLCC20) or 6-pin sample socket
  • Computer controlled operation, fully integrated with field and temperature sweeps and data acquisition


Double-axis rotator

Key Features

  • Probe outer diameter 29 mm
  • Angular range 180 degrees for both angles phi and theta
  • CLCC20 sample socket