He-3 Insert (300 mK)

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The Cryogenic Helium-Three insert is designed as an extension to the standard CFMS for resistivity and Hall Effect measurements. The insert extends the range of experimental temperatures in the CFMS beyond the standard 1.6K-400 K. Using only the cooling power of the VTI and two internal temperature-controlled sorption pumps, the sample platform of the Helium-Three Insert can be maintained at any temperature from below 300 mK to above 300 K.

The Helium-Three insert is top-loaded into the VTI. It uses a working volume of liquid 3He of 1.5cc and is able to maintain a temperature of 285 mK for up to 24 hours. The standard insert features a gold-plated copper sample mounting surface of 16mm diameter. An adaptor is available to allow the use of standard resistivity sample mounts.



Options Available:

• 25mm mm insert to fit 25mm VTI

• Rotating He-3 insert to allows the user to rotate a sample through 90 degrees around the horizontal axis

Key Features

• Parasitic He-3 top loaded into the Cryogen Free VTI
• Temperature range of 0.3 K – 400 K
• 5 mm x 5 mm gold plated sample mounting area
• 1.5litres (STP) 3He gas
• 24 hour hold time
• Temperatures down to 300 mK
• 24 hour hold time
• 20 pin CLCC sample holder
• Option for Sample rotation through Xo