Neutron Scattering and Beamline Systems

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For optical, neutron and particle beam experiments, Cryogenic offers a range of split pair magnets.  These allow strong magnetic fields to be produced in a small volume with maximum access to the working space.  Split pair coils can be mounted to provide either a vertical field with horizontal access or a horizontal field offering horizontal or vertical access.

Large windows in the support structure between the coils allow access to the sample.  For other applications a thin walled aluminium former and aluminium windows  also allows transmission of the beam.





Key Features

• Room-temperature bore or integrated cryogen-free 1.6 K-300 K VTI
• Symmetric superconducting split-pair magnets up to 14 T
• Asymmetric magnets for use in polarised neutron experiments up to 7 Tesla
• Large apertures for incoming and scattered neutrons
• High purity thin Aluminium, Beryllium or Vanadium windows in cryostat outer, radiation shield, Magnet and VTI.
• Low vibration pulse tube allowing up to 30,000 hours of continuous operation.
• Easy to use: no cryogenic experience required
• Supplied with LabVIEW® software suite as standard.


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