Fast Ramping Magnet Systems

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Cryogenic Ltd has developed a new range of fast-sweeping cryogen-free superconducting magnets using high-performance Nb3Sn coils. These magnets provide an ideal platform for XMCD and other polarity switching applications. No liquid cryogens are required offering superb economy and ease of use in comparison with liquid helium alternatives.

The magnets include a unique design approach with two vacuum systems. The magnet is housed in a high-vacuum cryostat with an internal UHV bore assembly. This can offer two-way (solenoid) four-way (split-pair) or even 6-way (split-pair with top-loading VTI) access to the field-centre. The magnet bore couples to the beam-line using CF ports on the outer wall and is compatible with bake-out to 100 degrees Celsius.

The standard 7 Tesla solenoid version provides a continuous sweep-rate of 100 sweeps/hour between ±7 Tesla. At ±4T the same coil can be ramped continuously at full speed without pause giving an unprecedented 670 sweeps/hour. The compact design uses two Gifford-McMahon cryo-coolers each providing 1.5W cooling power at 4.2K.

To compliment these magnets Cryogenic Ltd is proud to introduce our new range of compact high-powered power-supplies providing the safest magnet ramping to currents in excess of 300A and voltages in excess of 40V.

The same fast-ramping technology can be extended to custom magnet systems of any type.

Key Features

• Continuous sweeping between +/-7 Tesla (higher fields available on request)

• Fully operational within 5 hours of switch on
• Ramp rates up to 1.5 T/s.
• Proven performance of 100 sweeps per hour at +/-7T and  130 sweeps per hour at +/-5T (7T solenoid version)
• In the event of quench,  fully operational again within 15 minutes
• Overnight warm-up with in-built heaters
• Remains operational with one coldhead switched off
• UHV bore tube assembly


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