• Technical Sales – Instrumentation

    Job Description

    Scientific Instrumentation Sales North America.


    Remote, USA. Expected 25-50% travel (varies with academic cycle).
    Reside and work in the USA required.

    About Cryogenic

  • The magnet produces a homogeneous field profile with a maximum 2.6 T over a large cylindrical volume of Ø70 cm × 200 cm. The field is generated using four individually controllable solenoids. Subtle changes in the field profile are possible by varying the individual coil currents.

  • Largest Cryogen-Free system in the world successfully installed!

    Used to make precision neutron decay measurements and test the weak interaction in the standard model of particle physics.

  • Cryogenic has developed a new way to cool magnets for MRI machines to near absolute zero without the need for a continuous supply of liquid helium.

  • Cryogenic Ltd and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have unveiled what they say is the world's most accurate instrument for comparative measurements of electric current.

    The Cryogenic Current Comparator instrument can now be used by National Measurement Institutes (NMI) and laboratories around the world, providing a more accurate standard for current ratio, and ensuring current measurement is not a limiting factor in innovation.

  • We have delivered a vertically-aligned solenoid housed in a compact cryostat with a 58.5 mm diameter room-temperature bore offering unprecedented accessibility to the levitated sample. A single 1.5 W pulse-tube cold-head is used to cool the magnet system with remote-motor and linear-drive to Minimise vibrations.

  • The parasitic He-3 insert which is top loaded into the cryogen free VTI,  provides temperatures down to 300 mK with sample rotation through X°.

    The system is cooled by a high power pulse tube cryocooler  with low vibration and low maintenance. 

  • Cryogenic Ltd has delivered an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), nested split-pair, superconducting magnet system for use in XMCD measurements. The provides magnetic fields along the two orthogonal axes in the horizontal plane and provide a variable-temperature sample-space at the field centre between 1.5K and 400K.  The magnet system is comprised of a 9 Tesla split-pair coil parallel to the beam and an orthogonal 4 Tesla split-pair magnet.

  • The high field low loss system which  has been delivered to DESY  (one of the world's leading accelerator centres)  is made from pairs of nested winding sections, separated by a solid stainless steel former, machined to have wedges to give the optimum X-ray aperture. The field direction is vertical.

    Since  the design is stress limited and not critical current limited, the magnet is designed to operate at full field at 4.2K and does not require operating at 2.2K.

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