7 Tesla Recondensing SQUID Magnetometer - Refurbished

The S700X SQUID Magnetometer is a sensitive instrument for DC and AC measurement of magnetic properties as a function of magnetic field and temperature. The SQUID sensor at the heart of the system has an input noise power sensitivity of approximately 10-30 Joules per root Hz. This energy sensitivity is 108 better than any semiconductor device and accounts for the instrument's ability to resolve extremely small magnetic signals with accuracy and speed.

Re-condensing cryostat with integrated VTI and high homogeneity magnet (R-S700X) offering the following benefits:

  • Energy sensitivity is 108 better than any semiconductor device                                                                                              
  • No liquid helium refills                                                       
  • 1 Watt Pulse Tube cryocooler for true Zero boil-off system.
  • Sample sits in liquid helium  
  • No liquid Nitrogen.
  • Requires a 7.0 kW compressor which is water cooled

Price: £200,000

9 Tesla mini Cryogen Free Measurement System with 30 mm integrated VTI

Key components:

  • Pulse tube cryocooler: Base temperature below 3 K, cooling power 1 W at 4.2 K
  • High stability 20 Bit magnet power supply
  • Variable temperature sample space: 30 mm ID, 100 mm long isothermal region, with a possibility of a single optical      access.
  • Cooling for both the magnet and the sample space is provided by a single cryocooler, so neither liquid nitrogen or liquid helium is required.

Delivery:  4 weeks from order