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Cryogenic introduces the new CFM-VSM (v2)

Cryogenic launches the new CFM-VSM (v2).  With years of continuous product development, the second generation VSM system offers unique competitive features to ensure highest performance in the investigation of Electrical, Magnetic and Thermal properties of materials at temperatures ranging from 1.6 K to 400 K and magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla – all without the need for liquid cryogens.

Our key improvements include:

Mechanically compensated VSM drive:
Eliminates vibrational coupling between the drive and pick-up system
Assures highest sensitivity for low signal samples
Improved sample alignment:
Ensures the probe is stationary and sample is precisely at the centre of the pick-up system
Assures long term reliability and reproducibility.
Pick-up system mounted rigidly to the VTI top flange:
Ensures that the coil set is properly fixed and does not tilt away from the system axis.
Leak tight exchange gas sample space:
Removes the risk of blocking the VTI circuit when changing measurement probes. 
Allows fast sample change.
Pick-up coil support tube electrically isolated from cryostat:
The support is electrically connected to the ‘clean’ ground and so provides better electrical screening
Integrated electrostatic screen
Reduces noise, improving S/N ratio and so generating better data.

Automatic needle valve:
Software-controlled, stable and assures long term continuous operation.


5T-2T-2T Optical Vector Cryogen-Free Magnet

The OV-CFM system is based on a well-proven modular design incorporating proprietary technology to allow a vector magnet and integrated variable temperature sample space to be operated in a way that allows precise temperature control while varying the magnetic field. The magnet operates dry and no liquid cryogens are required at start up or during operation.

The standard system comes with crystalline quartz windows.  To work with terahertz radiation, alternative materials are available including Polymethylpentene (TPX) for the outer windows.


Superconducting vector magnet assembly
1.5 W PT Cold-head and F100 compressor
Scroll pump & 4He gas reservoir  for recirculating VTI operation
50 mm (49mm clear) Variable Temperature Space
Gate valve to isolate VTI space


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