Cryogen Free Variable Temperature Cryostat for EPR

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We offer a variable temperature cryostat with a sample space of 40mm designed to fit between the poles of a resistive electromagnet for EPR applications.  The cryostat is designed to receive standard EPR probes.

Our variable temperature cryostat incorporates a closed helium circuit in which liquid helium is expanded through a Joule-Thompson needle valve after being cooled by a cryo-cooler to achieve 2 K or better

The VTI is offered with a GM cryo-cooler as standard.  For the lowest vibration displacements, a pulse tube cooler can be used instead.

No external liquid cryogens are required to provide a sample platform which will operate between a base temperature below 3 K and 325 K the lowest base temperature and to handle higher heat loads.

Key Features

• No consumption of helium gas apart from small losses during sample changes (closed circuit)
• Lowest base temperatures commercially available (< 2K target)
• Higher power handling
• Vertically mounted cryo-cooler


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