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Cryogenic uses various cryocoolers with cooling powers to suit different cryogen free magnet systems and applications. The Gifford-McMahon (GM) cycle cryocooler has the advantage of greater thermodynamic efficiency. The Pulse-Tube (PT) cryocooler is vibrationally quieter, has a longer service interval and cools faster from room temperature.








Key differences between Gifford-McMahon (GM) and Pulse Tube (PT) Cryocoolers

  • GM cryocoolers are usually less expensive that a PT cryocooler with equivalent cooling power
  • PT cryocoolers must operate almost vertical with the 2nd stage below the motor.  GM cryocoolers can operate in any orientation.
  • PT cryocoolers are generally a better choice where vibration sensitive measurements are required.
  • PT cryocooler maintenance intervals are longer than GM cryocoolers but on site maintenance may be more difficult.