Vertically aligned 14 Tesla split-pair magnet for X-ray Scattering

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The high field low loss system which  has been delivered to DESY  (one of the world's leading accelerator centres)  is made from pairs of nested winding sections, separated by a solid stainless steel former, machined to have wedges to give the optimum X-ray aperture. The field direction is vertical.

Since  the design is stress limited and not critical current limited, the magnet is designed to operate at full field at 4.2K and does not require operating at 2.2K.

The coils are constructed from NbTi on the outer sections and NbSn on the four inner sections of the magnet. All windings are glass and fabric insulated with epoxy vacuum impregnation to yield high strength monolithic structures. The sections are powered in series by a single current source. The coil is fitted with a high resistance superconducting switch with low resistance joints to give good stability and a low field drift rate.

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